Workout Tech: Bose Soundlink Mini

If you train at home, having some inspirational music can be a great help. The Bose Soundlink Mini is bluetooth speaker dock that is small in size but delivers massive sound at exceptional quality.

At just 5 by 18 by 6 cm, the Soundlink Mini can easily be carried from room to room. In order to keep the battery charged – it can easily play for several hours when full – there’s a charging dock that hooks up to AC power. But you can remove and dock the Soundlink Mini as you move around.

The Soundlink Mini connects over Bluetooth. I linked it to two iPhones. The pairing process was straightforward and the device can be paired with up to six devices.

Sound quality was outstanding. I train at home and being able to listen to music at a decent volume level really helps maintain workout intensity and rhythm. Frankly, I was astounded at what the Soundlink Mini delivered. The clarity was brilliant. I listen to a lot of different types of music and all sounded great.

I’ve used several different speakers with my iPhone while training. My problem has always been that the sound quality was poor or that the volume was too low. The Soundlink Mini does not suffer from either of those issues.

Pros: Sound quality, size, volume
Cons: None
Cost: $249AU or $199US
Score: 9/10

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