TomTom launches a handful of new trackers

tomtom-iconTomTom has launched three new products; the Adventurer, Touch, and Spark 3. The Adventurer and Touch have also been released in India under exclusive arrangments ewith Amazon and other online retailers.

As well as the usual activity and heart rate tracking we’re used to seeing, the Touch includes body composition analysis to tell you how your bidy is changing as you become more active.


tomtom-adventurerThe TomTom Adventurer is GPS-enabled outdoor sports watch with trail running, hiking, skiing and snowboarding modes. Maps can be uploaded from Google Maps so you can plot a course before setting out and the watch will guide you along your way. It’s waterproof to 40m so you can use it while swimming,  as well as on your bike or at the gym.

Heart rate and activity monotoriing are part of the deal with barometer tracking and a built-in music player.


tomtom-touchTomTom’s Touch fitness tracker counts activity and steps but throws body composition analysis into the mix to delvier a body fat percentage to wearers.

The analysis is done ny sending a very weak electrical current through the body. The device measure the time taken for the charge to make its way through your body. Based on the levl of electrical reustance, which influcnes the speed of the charge traveling, it makes an estimate of  your body composition.

TomTom suggests pregnant women or people with pace-makers s.houldn;t use this feature.

Spark 3

tomtom_spark3If you like to carry your tunes with you but dont want the hassle of carrying your smartphone, the Spark 3 could be for you.

There are different versions of the Spark that either include or leave ot the built-in music layer, or integrated heartrate monitoring.

All three devices work with TomTom’s MySport app

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