Strava Beacon keeps you safe on a run

strava-beaconIt’s a challenge for many runners, particularly on long runs or on remote trails. How do you let everyone know where you are? Garmin has a their “My Live Activity” tracker that lets you send a map that lets people track your progress.

Strava has added a similar feature with the new Strava Beacon. When you’re running with your smartphone, you can send a text with a link to anyone – they don’t need to be Strava users – that lets them follow your progress.

Beacon lets you share your location with three designated “safety contacts” before starting a workout. Once you share your location with them, they’ll receive a text message with a link to a map where they can track your movements in real-time. They can see how much battery you have left on your phone.


Strava Beacon is available on Strava Premium, which costs US$7.99 a month or US$59.99 for a year, on  iTunes and Google Play.

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