SpeedPitch turns your smartphone into a speed-gun

img_0063SmartPitch is an app that turns anyone’s smartphone into a pro-level, precision speed gun for baseball (and cricket) that you can use from the dugout, on the field or sitting behind the foul lines. SmartPitch matches Jugs & Stalker guns, pitch for pitch, at 2% of the cost.

The usefulness for tennis, baseball and cricket coaches – to name a few – for such an app is huge. Currently, they can expect to spend a couple of thousand dollars for a p[rofessioanl gun. But SmartPitch LLC’s founders Chuck Richard, PhD and Dexter Richard, a Software Engineer, will be using the camera inside Android and iOS devices to measure the velocity of balls whizzing through the air.

Unlike other “speed gun” apps, the developers say SmartPitch is far more intelligent. Other apps, they say, are basically stop watch apps that rely on someone tapping a button at the start of the ball’s trajectory and then tapping again at the end. Their approach will let you shoot a video of the ball’s movement and the app will calculate the velocity.

The app will cost $25 when released in the Apps Store and Google Play store in 2017 – assuming they get the Kickstarter funding they are looking for.

They’re a only after $20,000 which is quite modest compared to some of the other campaigns we’ve seen.

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