Skulpt adds custom workouts

img_0540.jpgWe’ve looked at Skulpt in the past. Skulpt is a device that measures body composition quickly and easily.

Of course, measurement is just one part of improving your health and well-being. You also need to have actionable advice that uses that data to deliver real change. Whether that’s to boost athletic performance or for general health, data is useless unless you use it.

Skulpt has launched their new tailored workout guidance. Based on measurements of your muscle quality across 24 muscle groups, it identifies the areas that need a little extra work and provide a customized workout plan.

You’ll have the option to follow a complete workout plan, or spice up your current one by adding a few supplement exercises which they recommend to you based on those muscle groups that need work.
In order to get the most accurate recommendations, you need to measure all 24 muscle groups, or select the “full body scan”.

Skulpt says they  will continuously update the exercise suggestions as your muscle quality changes.

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