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While Fitbit might have started as a fitness tracker company, they’ve really moved further and are developing a complete health and well-being ecosystem. The Fitbit Aria scales give you the ability to measure your weight and body composition.

The Fitbit Ecosystem

Fitbit-AriaAlthough Fitbit is best known for their fitness trackers, they do quite a bit more than that.

Their app pulls together activity from the trackers but also provides a way to capture nutritional information and enter exercise sessions, amount of active time, sleep duration and quality and other health metrics.

All the data can also be accessed via the Fitbit website.

Fitbit Aria Scales

The Aria scales add another dimension to the Fitbit ecosystem. Percentage body fat and weight are two measures that are reasonably easy to track and can be used to track the results of a well-being program.

Most of us have a goal to maintain our body at a reasonable weight and to not be too flabby. Weight is a simple measure to capture and easy to look at over the long term.


Sitting up the Aria scales is straightforward. Once the scales are turned on for the first time, by pulling a plastic tab out of the battery compartment, the create a wireless network that you can connect to using your smartphone (I used an iPhone 6).

I then entered the details for my home network and linked the scales to my personal Fitbit account. The scales can be linked to as many as eight user accounts so they can be used by most households.

Using the Aria Scales

Unlike some connected scales, the Aria doesn’t require you to have your smartphone nearby. As they use WiFi, when you stand on the scales, they send your weight and body fat percentage straight to your Fitbit account.

It’s that easy.Fitbit-Aria-Weight

I had my son stand on them. He weighs a lot less than me and the scales “knew” not to send his weight to my account and distort my data.

The body composition analysis is done by sending a safe signal through your body. The speed the signal travels is then used to calculate your percentage body fat. The differences in your body composition create different impedance and this is used for the body fat estimation.

It’s important to understand your body composition can be influenced by a number of factors. For example, the percentage body fat can change significantly depending on your hydration. I saw a 2% change from one day to the next.

The backlit display shows weight in either pounds, kilos or stone and percentage body fat, Users can weigh between 9-158kg (20-350lbs). It’s easy to ready but that doesn’t really matter as the data will sync to your smartphone app. The scales are powered by four AA batteries.

Buying the Fitbit Aria Scales

We’ve seen the Fitbit Aria Scales at a number of different retailers including electronics stores, office suppliers and department stores.

In Australia, they sell for $159 and come in either white or black.


Here’s the reality. A $20 set of scales can measure your weight and you can manually record the numbers in a spreadsheet or notebook. And a $10 set of callipers can be used to measure skin folds and give an approximation of body composition.

The value of the Fitbit Aria Scales is their ability to make all of that very easy.

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