Reaching peak wearable – the smart condom is coming

It seems that there is no data too private that it can’t be shared. A new smart condom, the i.Con, is firming up to be the next wearable coming to the market.

The new device captures important statistics such as thrust power and velocity as well as other vital statistics such as girth and endurance.

British Condoms says all data will be anonymous but there will be the ability for the associated app to share data. One wonders what could happen when i.Con data is correlated with Tinder to increase or decrease the desirability of a potential “friend”.

However, users of the i.Con will be able to compare themselves with other users. Given the prevalence of digital doping on Strava, where runners and riders fake their training data, one suspects it won;t take long for someone to boost their numbers in order to virtually boost their manhood.

Perhaps we’ll see devices such as the i.Con integrated with virtual reality technology.

Although there may be a therapeutic application for such as device – which is not really a condom but a ring that sits over the base of a condom at the base – it’s hard to tell what this will really be good for. Perhaps it’s for the quantified self crowd who are obsessed with measuring everything!

British Condoms says it is “extremely comfortable, water resistant and lightweight”. It can be used with any condom.

The ring was announced last July and is available for preorder on British Condoms for £59.99 (about US$74, AU$97) with an unknown release date. The company says it won’t take your money until the product has a firm release.

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