Polar updates Polar Beat app

polar-beat-app-iconPolar has updated their heart rate monitoring mobile application Polar Beat.

Polar Beat, when connected to Polar’s H7 heart rate sensor, provides live, accurate heart rate data. It is compatible with the Polar Flow ecosystem in which users can analyze their training and progress in-depth. The refreshed Polar Beat app is available for free download now in Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Featuring a new clean, intuitive design, Polar Beat offers an accurate option for athletes and a simple solution to introduce beginners to heart rate based training. Y wearing Polar’s you simply the H7 heart rate sensor, sync with Polar Beat via Bluetooth Smart, and start a training session.

polar-beat-app-screenPolar Beat tracks distance and maps routes via GPS, and provides voice guidance to keep users on track during training. With more than 100 sports to choose from, users can plan training targets, train at the right intensity, understand the impact of a workout and accurately track calories burned.

Polar Smart Coaching upgrade features a Fitness Test to determine users’ aerobic fitness, a Running Index that offers insights on running performance over time, a Benefit Target that lets users set targets and receive guidance to achieve them and an Energy Pointer that shows real-time fat-burning or fitness improvement information.

Polar Beat is compatible with many of the services offered by Polar. Polar Beat provides a two-way sync between Polar Beat and Polar Flow, so users can see their training data in either application and keep their training data safe while switching devices. In Polar Flow, users can share sessions with friends and even offer coaches and their trainers access to data via Polar Flow for Coach. Beat also tracks trainings during a Polar Club group exercise session.

Polar Beat communicates with the H7 heart rate monitor via Bluetooth Smart technology. The app works with Android 4.3 or later, and iPhone iOS 8 or later. The new version of Polar Beat is available for free download now in the App Store and Google Play.

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