Polar M200 delivers a running coach on your wrist

img_0141Polar has expanded its running portfolio with the introduction of the Polar M200.

The M200 is a waterproof GPS running watch equipped with Polar’s proprietary wrist-based heart rate technology, 24/7 activity and sleep tracking. Polar’s optical heart rate measurement uses a unique algorithm developed and optimised by Polar to meet its industry-leading heart rate standard.

The M200 can be paired to Running Program, the M200 becomes a personal trainer, coaching you during runs, adapting to your performance and bringing you closer to your goals.

When fully charged, the Polar M200 offers six hours training time with GPS and optical heart rate, and also tracks daily activity such as steps, burned calories, sleep time and sleep quality. It also boasts vibrating notifications to inform you of incoming calls, messages, calendar alerts and social media notifications as well as reminding you to stay active with inactivity alerts.

The latest wearable from Polar goes beyond providing training data and daily tracking to allow users to view their training, activity and sleep details in Polar Flow, the free online service available as an app (iOS and Android) and as a web service. The Polar M200 also offers Polar’s unique Smart Coaching features including the new Running Program, a personalised and adaptive training plan available for free in Polar Flow.

Users simply choose a running event (5K, 10K, half-marathon or marathon), and the Running Program creates a customised training plan tailored to their current fitness level.

On Flow for web, users can join events and groups, watch their own or other users’ training sessions via the Relive feature and search for and comment on others’ training sessions. Flow for mobile offers a glimpse into daily activity and provides suggestions to encourage users to meet their fitness goals.

Other Smart Coaching features include Training Benefit and Running Index, both available in Polar Flow, which offer motivating feedback and ways to monitor running performance and progress.

Pre-orders for the Polar M200 and changeable wristbands in White and Blue are now available at: https://www.polar.com/au-en/products/sport/M200#buy. Additional colour wristbands will be available shortly.

For more information on the Polar M200 go to: https://www.polar.com/au-en/products/sport/M200.

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