Oakley Radar Pace – high-tech sports sunglasses

Oakley RazorWhether you ride, run or participate in triathlons, good sports sunglasses are must to help you see better and protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation.

Oakley’s Radar Pace smart sports sunglasses, built in collaboration with Intel, combines Built a pair of removable earphones, three microphones and a host of sensors including an accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer and humidity and proximity sensors.

All of this is built into a lightweight frame. he headphones are removable and connect wirelessly to your smartphone or music player. There’s no heads-up display capability which means you’ll still need a watch or smartphone on hand if you’re looking for live data while you’re training or racing.

Battery life is currently rated at 4 hours with music playing and 6 hours without.

All the data that is collected is delivered to an app on your mobile device.

Oakley Razor app

Image Source: Mashable

Pricing is US$449 – a hefty premium for this much tech.

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