Nike Run Club to Strava exporter

nike-to-stravaLet’s face it – Strava is THE go to tool for recording and sharing run and ride data. Rather than splinter fitness enthusiasts, the majority of the big players in sport watches such as Garmin, Polar and others, created easy ways for data collected on their devices to seamlessly sync to Strava.

But Nike, with their Nike Run Cloud, decided to go it alone. In fact, they make it difficult for anyone using their service to integrate. Which is pretty dumb as it’s not their data. It’s your data.

Fortunately, there is a way around it. The Nike to Strava Exporter does the job nicely.


The online service – it’s not mobile browser friendly so you’ll need to do it with a computer and not your smartphone or tablet – guides you through logging into Strava, then Nike Run Club and, finally, choosing which activities will come across.


The only hassle I’ve hit is my heart rate data isn’t sent across.

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