Nike Back to the Future self-lacing shoes are here

img_0131It’s taken until now, form 1989, but Nike has finally released Marty McFly’s shoes from Back to the Future 2.

Self-lacing shoes are finally here.

But you’ll need to be one of 89 lucky winners of a draw that’s taking place to win a pair of the Nike Mag. Entry to the draw costs US$10 with ther money going to Michael J Fox’s Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

A more commercial release of the shoes is also coming soon.

The sneakers work by using sensors in the heel that detect your foot and activate small motors that tighten the laces and automatically stop once they are tight. There’s also manual adjustment via two buttons on the side.


Top: Marty McFly's shoes. Bottom: The new Nike self-lacing shoes

Top: Marty McFly’s shoes.
Bottom: The new Nike self-lacing shoes

Nike has released a statement on the new shoes and the draw for the foundation.

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