Milo Champions Band – a fitness tracker for kids

milo-tracker-for-kidsAs is often the case, once a product category becomes mainstream, companies start to look for ways to expand their market. One way is to create versions focussed for different demographics.

The Milo Champions Band is a fitness tracker that is targetted specifically at kids.

The Milo Champions Band works with both iOS and Android devices via an app. You can download the iOS version of the Milo Champions app from the App Store and the Android version from the Play Store.

It’s designed for kids aged six to 12, but older kids can use the band. However, the nutritional information delivered through the app is focussed on that specific demographic.

The Milo Champions Band is all about helping you keep track of your kid’s physical activity and what they’re eating while setting fun targets that teach them new skills. They can also engage in challenges where they can team up with friends.

The MILO Champions Band displays

  • the time
  • total number of steps taken
  • kilojoules your child has burned
  • their amount of activity
  • how close your child is to achieving their daily goals

Although it’s not waterproof, the Milo Champions Band can be splashed.

The app delivers the same sort of information as apps such as Fitbit, Jawbone UP and Garmin. It lets you enter what your kids eat into the nutritional calculator and get tips on how to help them maintain a balanced diet.

You can also

  • Learn about the recommended dietary intake for kids aged 6 to 12 years.
  • Set your kids daily challenges to help them stay active and teach them new sporting skills.
  • Reward your child’s hard work with MVP badges.

The app is regularly updated with new content, tips and videos from some of Australia’s top sporting stars.

At just $39.95, it’s an inexpensive entry into the world of fitness trackers for kids. It can be purchased online from Milo’s store and comes with a 450g tin of Milo.

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