Microsoft updates Band with new features for hikers

microsoft-band-2Microsoft’s Band, now in its second version, is very much a challenger in the fitness and wellness wearables market.

Despite a long pedigree in being dominant in consumer computing, Microsoft was a latecomer to this market. However, they’ve managed to build a device that, although it’s quite expensive, is reasonably well regarded.

Microsoft is introducing a new hiking experience for the Band. This is powered a new Explore Tile which uses the Band’s GPS to keep track of your hike.

A new GPS Power Saver allows your band to track your hike for up to 12 hours and, after your hike, you can sync the Band to your mobile app (there are Windows, iOS and Android versions) to see your points of elevation and a map of your route in the Microsoft Health app and web dashboard.

You can also get reminders so you stay hydrated, fueled, and dodge inclement weather. It can even tell tell you what time the sun sets. And the UV monitor will notify you when your UV exposure is high so you can cover up or apply sunscreen.

The Microsoft Band is available from many bricks and mortar retailers or online through Microsoft’s online store for AU$380.

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