Lumos smart-helmet

The Lumos is a cycling helmet that adds lights to increase visibility. It also includes turn indicators and, using an accelerometer, can detect when you hit the brakes, letting motorists know when you’re stopping.

Initially developed as a Kickstarter campaign, the Lumos earned over five times its funding goal of $125,000.

From the front, the Lumos looks like almost any other cycling helmet. But there’s an array of lights on the front that serve as a headlamp, illuminating the road ahead. That front lighting array also includes turn indicators.

From the back, there are red and amber lights. The red lights work in concert with an accelerometer. When you hit the brakes, the lights power up so that motorists and cyclists behind you know you’re slowing down.

The turn indictors are activated via a wireless remote that you attach to your handlebars.

Lumos weighs in at 410g and packs more than 60 LEDs, a three-axis accelerometer and a 1000mAH USB chargeable battery. There’s a small power button on the side for toggling the power.

You can order a Lumos from their website for USD$179. Note that the Lumos is not certified for use everywhere. Helmet laws vary from country to country and can;t be legally sold in some places until safety agencies approve the helmet.

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