LG Lifeband Touch Review by Fat Duck Tech

I’ll be taking a look at the LG Lifeband Touch myself in the coming weeks but my buddy Alex has recently reviewed it over at Fat Duck Tech. Here’s what he had to say.

LGLifebandTouch-186x186It’s well worth reading the full review of the LG Lifeband Touch but Alex’s conclusions are pretty strong.

The Lifeband Touch should be LG’s play for the growing wearable market, based on its excellent OLED display.

It should be — but it isn’t. Given the price disparity between the Jawbone UP and even the Samsung Gear Fit, the LG Lifeband Touch sits in a too limited, too uncomfortable space. Maybe next time, LG?

The fitness band business is becoming increasingly dense with lots of new entrants making a push into what could be a very lucrative market. However, it doesn’t seem to me that anyone has really cracked it yet. The main issue, in my view, is finding a balance between enough features, managing complexity and creating devices that can be work all the time without making you look like a nerd!

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