Garmin Varia Vision – Cycling Data in your Face

Garmin Varia VisionI’m a novice at cycling but enjoy a ride to roll the legs over without stressing my body in the same way running does. But I’m also a bit of an exercise data junkie and love looking at how tech can be used to enhance my workouts.

The new Garmin Varia Vision is an in-sight display that helps enhance cyclists’ road awareness by putting information in their line of sight. The Varia Vision attaches to a cyclists’ sunglasses and displays key data from a compatible device including performance data, turn-by-turn directions, incoming smart notifications and more. When paired with the Varia rearview radar system, Varia Vision warns users of traffic approaching from behind.

Garmin says the Varia Vision boasts eight hours of battery life, as well as a glove and wet-weather friendly touch panel to rotate between data displays. The idea is you can easily access the data you want without losing concentration on your ride.

Its adaptable mounting allows it to attach on either arm of the glasses with a fully adjustable arm and eyepiece for optimum display positioning. It’s weatherproof and weighs less than 30g. An integrated ambient light sensor and colour display ensures readability in all conditions.

The Garmin Varia Vision in-sight display will be available in Australia in late February at a recommended retail price of $649.

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