Fitness Village brings gamification to the fitness biz

image-16Gamification is a big deal in the fitness industry. While wearables get a lot of attention, it’s fair to say that games like Pokemon Go! Have got more people out an active than any other technology.

The they FiVi project is developing a new Fitness Village concept bringing together global business areas of mobile gaming and fitness. The objective of the project is to address the gap between digital game players and fitness people all over the world to integrate the best aspects of both domains.

Gamification takes concepts from gaming such as rewards and incentives, engagement and cooperation and applies them in non-gaming domains.

The Fitness Village concept consists of a mobile game, health clubs, supplements and textiles. In the future, additional services like personal training will be offered under the Fitness Village brand. In 2017 the first Fitness Village branded health club will opened in Helsinki.

By playing mobile games at home or on the go users are able to enhance their fitness avatars and earn points. They are also able to earn points when doing physical exercise in the Fitness Village health clubs or by tracking the training with sensors. The idea of the concept is that earned points can then be used across different games and in the real world.

FiVi is a shared project between the concept owner, a mobile game developer, research institutes and health club entrepreneur. Leading the project, Fitness Village Ltd. mission is to make fitness fun again through gamification. Fingersoft Ltd. is a Finnish game developer focusing on fun-filled content for mobile devices bringing its expertise to the project. SN Sports Ltd. is opening the first Fitness Village branded health club. In this project the role of University of Oulu and VTT Technical Research Centre is to act as software engineering experts and support the development work. FiVi project is part of Tekes funded program focusing on growth industries whose success benefits or is enabled by ICT technologies, knowledge or new business models.

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