Fitbit updates app – all new look

fitbit-app-update-may-2016Fitbit has updated their app, making the interface more like their web-based portal. The updated look is not mandatory as it’s still being tested.

The revised app is a lot cleaner and puts more information in front of you with less need to scroll down through the screen. There are also some data input enhancements that make it easier to enter data such meals, activity, sleep or water consumption.

The new dashboard is accompanied by a new “+” button for adding data such as meals, sleep, and other activities. Other elements, such as challenges and the friends screen haven’t been updated yet and retain the same look and feel.

However, the Settings screen has been updated. Dive in, scroll down to Advanced and you can now edit your stride length which can help make non-GPS equipped Fitbit devices more accurate when measuring run and walk distances.

The app is a free update from your preferred app store.

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