Coros LINK Smart Helmets make your head an audio amplifier

img_0067Coros Wearables has announced that their LINX smart cycling helmet, which was launched as a Kickstarter project, is now available for purchase.

The LINX uses bone conduction technology and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity so riders can answer calls, be navigated and listen to music without taking their eyes off the road. It uses the riders’s cheek bones to bypasses the eardrum and sends audio directly to the inner ear.

As there are no headphones or buds closing off the ear canal Coros says this means cyclists are more likely to hear and avoid roadside hazards.

A small remote control, attached to the handlebars allows riders to interact with the LINX smart helmet and a companion smartphone app.

LINX hit its Kickstarter taget of $50,000, just 12 hours after its launch. WIain six days they had hit $114,000. Early adopters can expect delivery of the LINX as early as October with a full retail launch scheduled for the start of November.

The price for Kickstarter supporters is US$199.99  – a 40% discount over the full retail prices they expect to charge.


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