Boltt tries to bridge the gap between data and AI

bolttThe health and fitness wearables business has created a population of people who have lots of data about what they are doing but limited ability to use it.

We’re data rich and insight poor.

Indian start-up Boltt is trying to change that.

According to reports, Boltt will marry a family of hardware including smart shoes, a shoe pod sensor, wireless headsets and a wristband. Wareable reports that Boltt “has apparently worked with Garmin to build the sensors that will capture both mechanical and cardiovascular data”.

The promise that the platform will deliver real-time coaching and feedback to improve performance and reduce the chances of an injury.  Aayushi Kishore, one of Boltt’s co-founders says “[Boltt] reads your sleep, fitness, nutrition and activity data, stores them in one place; and give’s meaningful insights and guidance, on how to live healthier”.

“The seed was planted way back in 2014, when we realized the biggest hurdles and training gaps for athletes. They suffered from lack of knowledge. They had no access to data that could help them improve performance. Our journey began with a simple mission, to combine sports performance with meaningful data,” adds CEO Arnav Kishore.

This is perhaps the biggest criticism we’ve had with wearable tech. We can collect lots of data but pulling it together so we can make changes to our lifestyle is difficult.

Although Boltt promises a lot, we can’t help but think it represents yet another closed environment.

What if you use a Fitbit tracker for everyday activity and sleep tracking, a Garmin for running, MyFitnessPal for nutrition and the Strava app when you’re on your bike? Whoever can find a way to pull data together from multiple sources so you can answer questions like “Do particular foods make it hard for me to sleep?” or “What’s causes the difference between a good run and a bad run?” will offer something truly new and exciting.

Boltt is scheduled for it’s initial release to testers on 1 October 2016. You can sign up at

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