Apple Watch 2 – aka The Fitbit Killer

Iimage‘m a big fan of Fitbit’s fitness bands. I wear a Fitbit Blaze almost all the time and use a Fitbit Surge when I’m running. My daughter has a Fitbit Charge and my partner wears a Flex.

I’ve also used an Apple Watch extensively and, while it represents a wonderful feat of engineering, it falls short in a couple of key areas as a work point companion.

It lacks an integrated GPS and it’s not waterproof.

But that changed today.

The Apple Watch Series 2 boasts integrated GPS – so there’s no need to take your iPhone with you on a run – and is waterproof to 50 metres.

As well as being able to track, and provide maps, of runs and rides, Apple has developed all-new algorithms after hundreds of hours of research for two new workout options, pool and open water. It can also count laps, track average lap pace and auto-detect stroke type.

Throw in a faster processor, which is important now that watchOS 3 lets third party apps run natively on the watch, and brighter display and suddenly you have the device mOst wanted the first Apple Watch to be.

The other part of the Apple Watch equation that was broken was the app side of things. This is where Fitbit really creamed Apple and also shot everyone else. But it seems the updated Health app remedies some of those issues.

Prices will start at AU$529 for the sports focussed models, including the Apple Watch Nike+, developed with sportswear maker Nike.

Will this make me ditch my Fitbit? It’s entirely possible. I’ve got an Apple Watch Series 1 (as the “old” model is now branded) and, because it’s not met my fitness tracking needs it’s largely unused. But the Apple Watch Series 2 could prise me away from my Fitbit devices.

2 thoughts on “Apple Watch 2 – aka The Fitbit Killer

  1. Scott Fitzgerald

    Price could still be an issue for many, Anthony. That’s several hundred dollars more than most in the Fitbit range. But yes, the tweaks on Watch 2 are a great addition for the fitness smartwatchers.

    1. Anthony Caruana Post author

      Yeah, price is a factor but with many high-end fitness watches being more than $300 already, Apple’s game is “people with money” so Fitbit’s low end is safe but the Blaze and Surge are in trouble I think.


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