Adidas to shutdown miCoach

Adidas has announced that they will be pulling down the shutters on the miCoach platform. Development of their Train & Run app and miCoach website have ceased.

The service will continue operating until 31 December 2018 with members being treated to free premium membership to Runtastic. That’s not surprising since Adidas acquired Runtastic. It makes sense to consolidate the services and gives Adidas access to a broader user community.

This move follows Under Armor’s recent spending spree, which saw them do deals worth in excess of $600M to get their hands on MyFitnessPal, Endomondo and MapMyFitness.

The next battleground for sports apparel companies will be artificial intelligence and augmented reality and how they work with the wearable tech apparel makers embed into their clothing and shoe products.

We’ve already seen Indian startup Boltt push into this market and it seems other companies are following suit.

Nike’s play seems to be through its alliance with Apple.

We’re guessing the line between sports apparel companies and technology businesses will continue to blur over the coming years.

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