High expectations and anxiety impact weight loss

According to research by behavioural scientists from Australia’s CSIRO, most Australians tend to over-think, have too high expectations and are anxious about failure – all of which can derail the best intentions when it comes to shedding unwanted kilograms (or pounds if you prefer).

They found there are five behavioural “Diet Types” with the over-thinking, anxious perfectionist the predominant type.

The research found Australians are motivated to lose weight with nine out of 10 of the surveyed adults attempting to lose weight in their lifetime. About 50 per cent have made more than six attempts while almost 20 per cent tried more than 25 times.

The most and least common of the five main diet personality types across the surveyed population were:

  • The Thinker – 41% – Overthinking and worrying about failure leads to stress which can derail diet progress
  • The Craver – 25% – Craves delicious food and finds it hard to stop, leading to overeating in tempting situations
  • The Foodie – 15% – Loves making, eating and experiencing food
  • The Socialiser – 15% – Flexibility is essential – you won’t let strict food restrictions stifle your social life
  • The Freewheeler – 4% – Makes spontaneous and impulsive food choices, finds planning meals hard

CSIRO Behavioural Scientist Dr Sinead Golley said “Knowing your personal Diet Type helps you maintain a healthy eating plan because you are more aware and equipped to manage moments of weakness”.

The CSIRO launched the new online Diet Type assessment, at www.totalwellbeingdiet.com, to help Australians better understand their personal diet type to successfully maintain a diet. Participants fill in a short survey to receive instant, personalised feedback about the participant’s diet type profile and the right strategies to manage it.

More than 28,000 completed the Diet Type assessment in the first two days after it launched. By early February more than 55,000 people have completed the assessment.

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