Fitbit adds new hourly activity measurement

Fitbit-hourly-goal-tileFitbit has further bolstered its activity tracking with hourly activity measurement. A new activity tile, which can be added to your Fitbit Dashboard (accessed when you login to tells you how many hours you walked more than 250 steps.

According to the Fitbit blog, “Fitbit® data scientists crunched some numbers recently and discovered some Fitbit users aren’t moving for prolonged periods throughout the day. Thankfully, walking for a few minutes every hour has been shown to reduce the negative impacts of sitting”.

In other words, moving more often, in addition to your regular exercise has some health benefits.

To add the new tile to your Fitbit dashboard, log in, click on the Tiles button on the top left of your dashboard (it looks like an array of nine small squares) and click in the checkbox for the Hourly Activity tile.

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