DIY iPhone Cycling Mount

I’ve recently started cycling as a way of adding some extra activity into my routine. And I really like using Strava for tracking my rides. In fact, it’s one of my most used fitness apps. But carrying my iPhone while riding is a pain – until I cooked up this DIY solution.

I was fortunate enough to receive an OtterBox ruggedised iPhone case for review. The case I have is an OtterBox Defender. It provides plenty of protection should the phone ever fall – there are numerous drop tests done from up to 30 metres – so I have confidence that dropping the phone on a ride won’t leave me incommunicado.

The OtterBox Defender is a three-part case. There’s are solid front and back pieces that clip together. They are then surrounded by a firm rubber casing that provides a degree of dust proofing and most of the all important impact protection.

The other element of the OtterBox Defender is the belt-clip. While carrying your smartphone on your belt was all the rage in the 1990s – it’s not something I’m prepared to return to any time soon. But the belt clip can be easily adapted into a secure cycling mount.

Attaching to the Bike

With four cable ties I was able to securely fasten the OtterBox Defender belt clip to my bike’s gooseneck.

otterbox-bike-mount-1otterbox-bike-mount-2otterbox-bike-mount-3There are two cable ties around the belt clip. As the clip has a hooked end there’s no chance of the ties slipping off.

I’ve then threaded two more cable ties around the handlebars on either side of the gooseneck.

With the cable ties pulled tight, the belt clip is very secure.

I can then secure the phone onto the belt clip and I’m ready to roll.


There is a little bit of movement but it’s not enough to bother me and I can still access the touchscreen while riding. As I usually wear a bluetooth earpiece so I can take calls – I often ride during the workday as I commute to meetings or to grab some lunch.



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