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TomTom Touch Cardio – stripping features to hit a price point

Fitness trackers are pretty passè these days. Walk into most electronics retailers, department stores or sports shops and you’ll likely find dozens of options. TomTom has long been a player in the tracker market but they are starting to move down to less expensive market segments with their new TomTom Touch Cardio.

While the original TomTom Touch could shake around AU$219 out of your wallet, the Cardio will sell for closer to AU$150 (that’s $£90 or US$110).

The Touch Cardio keeps the heart rate tracker, step and sleep tracking, but loses the body fat and muscle mass analysis sensors in order to save a few bucks.

There’s no word on Aussie availability yet.

Reviews.com picked their best fitness tracker for 2016

wearablesNarrowing down a field of almost 80 trackers to the three best is a tough ask. Built it’s one the crew at reviews.com have undertaken in their Best Fitness Tracker for 2016 round up.

Their top three has two of the more popular trackers on the market along with one choice that we found surprising.

You can read their full round up, including how they tested at reviews.com.

McDonalds giving wearables in Happy Meals

McDonald's trackersKids in Canada and the US can get a fitness tracker with their Happy Meals at McDonalds., tracking steps and encouraging children to burn off those calories. It company has launched the wearables to run parallel with the Olympic Games urging users to “Keep up with your friends and your favourite athletes,” on its website.

The trackers (McTrackers?) count steps and encouraging children to burn off the calories from the meal they just consumed. It company has launched the wearables to run parallel with the Olympic Games, perhaps in an effort to deflect or distract from constant accusations about the food giant’s nutritional quality and links with childhood obesity.