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Bye-bye Strava – why you lost me as a customer and advocate

For the last couple of years, I’ve been a Strava user. I’ve enjoyed the social aspects of the service, it’s been a useful tool for tracking mileage and other training metrics, and I’ve been inspired and encouraged by the activities of the Strava community. So much so that I’ve paid the money and been a Premium user.
But I’ve discovered something – and I’m not alone. Strava has an accuracy issue.

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Strava for Apple Watch 2 Updated – does Strava have an accuracy issue?

Strava has been my “go to” running and cycling app for a while now. Although I prefer to not run with my phone, Apple and Nike’s decision to not allow easy sharing from the NRC app or Apple’s own Workout app means I prefer not to use those apps.

Strava has been promising an update to their app that uses the new Apple Watch’s integrated GPS receiver. They delivered that update last week.

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Nike Run Club to Strava exporter

nike-to-stravaLet’s face it – Strava is THE go to tool for recording and sharing run and ride data. Rather than splinter fitness enthusiasts, the majority of the big players in sport watches such as Garmin, Polar and others, created easy ways for data collected on their devices to seamlessly sync to Strava.

But Nike, with their Nike Run Cloud, decided to go it alone. In fact, they make it difficult for anyone using their service to integrate. Which is pretty dumb as it’s not their data. It’s your data.

Fortunately, there is a way around it. The Nike to Strava Exporter does the job nicely.

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Apple Watch Nike+ Review

watch-nike-hero-solo_pr-print-2The original Apple Watch felt incomplete – almost as if Apple released a product they were testing in the lab to see what the market thought. Lacking integrated GPS and waterproofing, they nonetheless tried to pitch it as an activity tracker using Christie Turlington to spruik its credibility.

But the new Apple Watch Series 2 running watchOS 3 changes that considerably. It’s now a viable, if imperfect alternative, for runners.

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Garmin integrates with Strava Beacon for safety

A few months ago Strava introduced their new Beacon feature – it allows runners to notify someone when they are out on a run. Beacon has now been integrated into Garmin’s LiveTrack so that STravis Premium members using the Edge 520, Edge 820, Edge 1000, Edge Explore 820, Forerunner 230, Forerunner 235, Forerunner 630, Forerunner 735XT, and Fenix 3 can not only let people know where they are but also the battery level in their device.

Strava gets a new look

We’re big fans of Strava at Run and Lift. But we’ve been chatting recently and commented that it was looking a little dated. No sooner had the conversation ended that an update appeared on our smartphones. Gone is the old dark background, replaced with a bright, new look.


The Strava team says

While this might feel like a big change, we’ve been constantly iterating on our mobile app since it first launched for iOS in early 2011. Over the years we’ve transitioned from a skeuomorphic design – with an interface and buttons that mimic real-world objects – to a sleek digital look.

Hit your preferred app store to upgrade to the new look.

For more information: http://blog.strava.com/turning-the-lights-on-12249/

Strava delivers Real-time stats with Live Segments

Cyclists and runners all over the world love using Strava. Aside from tracking rides and runs, using your smartphone, the app integrates with lots of other services so you can track your performance and compare it with your friends and peers regardless of what gear they use.

One of Strava’s great features is the ability to define a segment – a portion of your route – that might be covered by other athletes. Strava has updated their app so you can get real-time feedback on how you’re tracking on a segment.

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Fitness, data, analytics and impossible dreams

Tracking ProgressI don’t want much. I just want to train, get fitter and stronger, and live a healthy life for as long as I can. To that end, I exercise regularly, I’m fairly careful without being anal about what I eat and I look for ways to be more active like walking to the shops instead of driving.

But I’m also a professional nerd and I like to use technology to help me with my goals. And, over time, I have tried to consolidate my data in order to overcome the explosion of different data sources that fitness and exercise enthusiasts have faced over the last few years.

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Cycling analytics with the Bontrager Trip 300 Computer

Bontrager Trip 300 computer review - front viewOK – so I’m a bit of a data junkie when it comes to my training. Although I’m pretty settled with my running data, through the combination of a Fitbit Surge and Strava, I’ve been looking for something for when I’m riding. So, I’ve purchased a Bontrager Trip 300 Computer. Continue reading