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Microsoft Health apps to get a new name

img_0096We recently reported that Microsoft was going to pull the pin on their Microsoft Band 2 fitness band and focusing on their online Microsoft Health platform.

Reports are now surfacing that the Health platform is being renamed to Microsoft Band.

It’s not the first time Microsoft has re-purposed a name. They did the same with Surface, which is now used for their tablet computer platform after starting as a coffee table touchscreen platform.

Source: ZDNet – Microsoft rechristens its ‘Health’ fitness apps as ‘Band’


Microsoft pulling out of smart watch and fitness band markets?

microsoft-band-2Like most other fitness band and smartwatch makers, Microsoft has had a two-pronged approach with a hardware component and a software service. In their case, the two parts are the Microsoft Band and the Microsoft Health platform.

According to a recent report, it seems Microsoft is pulling the pin on the Microsoft Band (I reviewed the Microsoft Band 2 a little while ago and found it flawed), preferring to focus their efforts on the Microsoft Health platform.

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