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Withings is dead, long live Nokia – but the Patient Care Platform is the real news

When Nokia purchased health equipment maker Withings last year, we wondered what that would mean for the erstwhile challenger to Fitbit and Apple. Well, it turns out it means the Withings brand will be taken out of the market.

The Nokia brand will replace Withings on all products, update the Health Mate app, and provide a platform for patients and healthcare professionals to easily share data.

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Fitbit and Apple Watch – it’s time for integration

fitbit-apple-watchBack in late 2014, Apple and Fitbit had a fairly acrimonious split. Until then, Apple happily sold Fitbit’s trackers in their online and physical stores. But with Apple creating its own health ecosystem, there were calls for Fitbit to integrate with Apple’s platform.

Fitbit struck back saying their customers weren’t asking for that integration so they decided not to play nicely with HealthKit – Apple’s platform for integrating health and well-being devices and apps. So Apple dumped them from their stores.

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