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Garmin vívosmart 3 Brings Firstbeat Fitness and Stress Tracking to Everyone

Garmin International has announced the vi­vosmart 3, the latest addition to their popular vivo series health and fitness trackers. The vivosmart 3 uses the company’s Firstbeat technology to deliver automatic VO2max fitness level detection, Fitness Age, accurate Calorie Counts, and All-day Stress tracking. The device is capable of delivering personalized insights for better health, fitness and performance.
Firstbeat’s automatic VO2max fitness level detection technology has been onboard Garmin’s high-end Forerunner and Fenix devices since 2013 and gives users a tool for viewing their current fitness level and monitoring their progress. The vivosmart 3 brings this feature to Garmin’s lifestyle oriented vivo series for the first time and introduces Fitness Age, a new interpretation of your VO2max that places the feedback in a more relatable context.

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Garmin announces the Approach G30

Garmin has announced the Approach G30 golf GPS device. The Approach G30 has a 2.3-inch colour touchscreen with full course mapping to more than 40,000 courses around the world plus free map updates. Green View and Touch Targeting give accurate yardage info, and players can track their stats and performance over each round and over time.

The Approach G30 features a built-in high-sensitivity GPS, so users will get accurate distances to greens, hazards and doglegs, even if they’re under heavy tree cover. The Approach G30 also has a dedicated Green View, which shows the shape of the green, and allows users to manually position the pin to get the most accurate distance information.

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Fitbit – it’s time to drop the grudge against Apple

For the last few years Fitbit has been the dominant player in the growing and lucrative health and fitness wearable market. They have built such a strong brand that fitness wearables are all called “fitbits” in the same way searching on the web is now called “googling” (even if you don’t use Google) or photocopying was called xeroxing.


But that market dominance is coming to an end. One of the largest companies in the world, Apple, is pushing its way into the health and fitness market with the Apple Watch. And while Fitbit integrates south many other exercise and well-being services, they are hanging on like barnacles to a grudge with Apple and won’t make their platform available to Apple Watch owners.

Why is this? To answer that we need to look back a few years.

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What does Fitbit buying Pebble mean?

Last week, Fitbit purchased the guts of smartwatch maker Pebble. Pebble has been THE crowdfunding success story until now. Each new model Pebble produced was funded through Kickstarter.

But the company has been struggling, with competition from the likes of Samsung, Fitbit, Apple and others. Like many market pioneers, they were overtaken and then beaten down by the second and third wave of market entrants.

As a result, Fitbit swooped in and purchased the software assets and key personnel from Pebble.

The hardware Pebble pioneered has been commoditised. But the software that pulls all the different services and functionality together remains valuable.

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Garmin integrates with Strava Beacon for safety

A few months ago Strava introduced their new Beacon feature – it allows runners to notify someone when they are out on a run. Beacon has now been integrated into Garmin’s LiveTrack so that STravis Premium members using the Edge 520, Edge 820, Edge 1000, Edge Explore 820, Forerunner 230, Forerunner 235, Forerunner 630, Forerunner 735XT, and Fenix 3 can not only let people know where they are but also the battery level in their device.

Garmin releases Vivofit Jr. – tracking and encouragement for kids

image-11Garmin has announced the vívofit jr. activity tracker to encourage kids to stay on the move.

The kid-friendly design is comfortable, durable, swim friendly and features one-year battery life for 24/7 wearability. In addition to tracking steps, sleep and kids’ activity on the way to their recommended 60-minute daily play goal, the vívofit jr. comes with a free, parent-controlled mobile app. The app motivates kids with fun and educational mobile adventures, and family step challenges. It also includes behaviour management for parents, who can assign chores and motivate with agreed-upon rewards.

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