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Fitbit launches FitForGood in Australia

fitbit-fitforgoodFitbit has FitForGood, a charitable platform inviting Fitbit users to get fit for a good cause in support of better heart health for all Australians. Fitbit is encouraging anyone with a Fitbit account in Australia to sign up, with their steps contributing towards the FitForGood Challenge of a collective two billion step goal.

If the group reaches this goal, Fitbit will make a $100,000 donation to the Heart Foundation of Australia. In addition, the Heart Foundation is aiming to raise an additional $400,000 through donations to help educate the public about heart disease, which kills one Australian every 27 minutes.

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Activity vs Exercise – 5 ways to be more active

people-walking-parkExercising regularly is not the same as living an active life.

Think about it. How many days do you exercise each week? Three of Four? Maybe even every day.

But what are you doing when you’re not exercising? In my typical work day, I’ll go for a run but before and after that, I’m most likely found sitting at my desk tapping away at a keyboard.

So, although I exercise regularly, I’m not really all that active.

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