The Healthiest BMI Is Actually “Overweight,” Says New Study is reporting that a new study reveals the much-maligned (and rightly maligned in my view) BMI metric often used by doctors and other healthcare professionals has been misused.

I’ve written previously on why I think BMI is a poor measure that is often misused (Diet, exercise and weight loss – why most people get it wrong) but the study Shape refers to comes to an interesting conclusion.

The article from Shape (The Healthiest BMI Is Actually “Overweight,” Says New Study) highlights a few key conclusions from the Danish study.

  1. Obesity isn’t as dangerous as it used to be.
  2. BMI that is currently associated with the lowest risk of death has increased from 23.7 in the 1970s to 27, which falls in the overweight category.

Read the full article to read the views of the team and the original study.

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