New skin patch analyses sweat for workout data

Photo provided by J. Rogers, Northwestern University

Researchers have long known that our perspiration can be used to tell us what is happening within our bodies. Now, a new skin patch under development by the Northwestern University’s Center for Bio-Integrated Electronics can measure acidity level and concentrations of chloride, glucose and lactate.

Those readings can be used to provide indications of hydration and other factors that can effect exercise performance. At the moment, the patch shows what’s going on through coloured indicators on the patch but the plan is for the data to be transmitted to smartphones where an app can show the feedback and potentially integrate into systems that assist with optimising exercise programs.

Although the sweat patches are designed for one-time use over a few hours, the researchers are testing a design capable of multiple measurements over time.

You can read the full press release from Northwestern Univeristy here.

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