How do you compare to elite athletes?

sara-hall-runnerThis is just a bit of fun.

Many of us wonder how we compare to elite athletes (at least I do). It’s not because we have inferiority complexes or anything like that. But it’s good to know other humans can do cool stuff as it can be a great inspiration and motivator.

British athlete Sara Hall recently ran a 2:30 marathon in London – finishing in 12th place overall. Hall has made her Fitbit data from the run – she’s wearing a Fitbit Surge – public.

I’m always interested in the performance of elite athletes. Hall’s data highlights some interesting things.

  1. She’s very efficient, choosing the best lines on the course to ensure she runs the minimum possible distance. Official courses are measured using the shortest tangents at each turn. Choosing a good line will reduce the distance you travel.
  2. She starts working at her aerobic peak quickly and keeps it up for the entire race.
  3. Regardless of the changes in gradient, she keeps a constant pace and heart rate – that indicates she is extremely fit.

Here’s Halls data (from Women’s Running) with mine below. Note that Hall works in miles and I’m in kilometres so everything speed and distance related in my run needs to be multiplied by about 1.6 to make it equal.


For comparison, here’s my data from my last long run (it’s a pre-marathon taper run)



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