Five tips for new trail runners

trailrunningI’m not a running coach, qualified trainer or anything like that. But if you’re interested in trail running here’s my advice.

Train on trails and uneven terrain

Your joints and muscles need to get used to moving in ways they aren’t accustomed to. A 10km trail is harder than a 10km road.

Hill training is important

Hill training is strength training for runner. Find some local hills and work them. If you don’t have hills around home (I’m lucky – I have some monster hills near my place) then make a day of hills training every couple of weekends. You can run the Two Bays trail any time or find a national park and go exploring.

Let people know

Never go on a trail without letting people know where you are. And, I’d suggest carrying a cellphone with a full charge and turning on location services so you can be found easily in case something goes wrong.

Hydration and fuel are important

Make sure you run with plenty of water and carry some food to keep your energy levels up. I use a backpack bladder that holds about 1.5l of fluid. Leave well hydrated and stay that way.

Stop and smell the roses

Don’t just run – experience the world. If you see something awesome, stop and take a picture.


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