Capturing your runs: The Convertible HDL action cam for runners

Convertible HDLThere are a lot of Kickstarter campaigns out there trying to part you from your hard earned money. That’s why I rarely report on these projects until they actually ship a product. Over the last couple of years, the action cam market, exemplified by the GoPro, has grown rapidly. However, finding an action cam for capturing your runs has been challenging.

The Convertible HDL is a camera designed by Mike Haedrich, avid runner and founder of PRracer, has designed the Convertible HDL.

“Anyone who runs on even a semi-regular basis has stories about those rave runs,” Mike says. “About the sun setting at an incredible angle and lighting up the sky, about a breathtakingly beautiful trail far off the beaten path, or about some crazy occurrence that is beyond simple explanation. Our initial vision was to create a device that could capture all of these and more.”

The Convertible HDL is a headband that converts to a skull cap, that carries a high definition camera and an LED headlamp.

I’ve done a little bit of night running so running with a headlamp isn’t a foreign experience for me. And there have been a few times where I’ve pulled my iPhone out to shoot a picture. But I’ve missed plenty of interesting moments, such as kangaroos bounding across the path in front of me and some stunning scenery.

Given I already wear a cap of headband (I really like my Headsox bandana) so this looks like a good solution.

The HDL moniker comes from HD for the camera and L for the LED lamp

The Convertible HDL can capture your run in FHD (1920×1280) or HD (1280×720) format with still photo capability. You can also take photos using single shot, burst mode, or time-lapse mode. In addition, the camera carries a GPS, altimeter, and accelerometer to capture all the vital statistics from your run.

The headlamp shines at more than 400 lumens, ensuring your path is lit and you can catch clean video during dawn, dusk and nighttime runs.

The accompanying app seems like ti will be pretty clever as well. If you enter your estimated run time the app will recommend the proper camera settings. And editing tools provided with the app will compress and stabilise the images to provide a smooth, fun to watch video.

There’s also voice recognition to control the headlamp and camera.

Finding options start at US$179 plus delivery.

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