Brooks Run Happy Report looks at life and running

brooks-run-happy-report-2016Each year, since 2014, running shoe and apparel company Brooks surveys runners from across the world to learn more about what makes runners tick. This year’s survey reveals some interesting insights into the lives and minds of runners.

Everything from motivation, to favourite clothes, to post race treats and even intimacy were covered in the survey.

Some of the survey responses were quite funny. For example, when asked to pick their dream relay squad, athletes (53%) are more coveted than Hollywood actors (19%), supermodels (12%) and the royal family (11%). In last place were the Kardashian sisters (Kourtney, Kim and Khloe), with only 4%.

Some of the other interesting results from the survey were:

  • 57% of runners get new and creative ideas while running
  • 97% of runners say a run makes their day better
  • 37% would like to carry the Olympic torch through their home town while 41% would love to compete and 14% would like to dance in the opening ceremony
  • 34% describe their lovemaking as being like the marathon – “Slow and steady, I’m in it for the long run” while 37% describe it as intervals (“Periods of high energy, but with breaks in between’) and 19% likening their love life to a mud run (“A little dirty with a lot of laughs”)
  • Post face favourite meals include salad or fruit (31%), a high protein meal (28%) and carbs (20%)
  • More than half those surveyed say they were self-starters when it came to inspiration to take their first steps in their running journey
  • The beach and countryside are the most favoured running locations

You can read the entire Global Run Happy Report on the Brooks blog.

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