Abu Dhabi running track has built-in smarts

abu-dhabi-running-trackRunners in Abu Dhabi can run on a high-tech track made using state-of-the-art technology that can reportedly eliminate negative impact on the health of runners.

Surrounded by landscaped areas, the 4.2km track has been made by the Abu Dhabi City Municipality and starts at Mina Zayed and ends at intersection A7 on the corniche.

There are two tracks, one for runners and another for walkers.

The project is part of the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport as well as the Abu Dhabi City Municipality’s plans to improve the quality of life in the Capital. The project reflects the commitment of the Abu Dhabi City Municipality to improve urban lifestyles and is in line with the city’s 2030 plan for improving service delivery for the city.

The municipality started construction of the Walk project in December 2015 and completed it in May 2016 at a cost of Dh4 million.

On the opposite side of the walk, there is a track for cyclists.

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