A Month of Running

I’m now officially preparing to run my first half marathon in over a decade. It’s been long enough that that I really consider this my first official half marathon. I’ve been building up my mileage over the last few weeks. Here’s what it looks like.

Half marathon Prep for AugustThe increased mileage over my previous month (I did 100km at an average pace of 6:01 in July) is due to three more runs in August over July and an increase in the distance in my long runs, which are now up to 16km.

Over September I plan to improve my speed. So, while I’ll still be doing my long run each weekend, my shorter runs will include more intervals and other speed work.

Another area of focus for September will be recovery. I really need to be more vigilant with my foam rolling and recuperative massage. I use The Stick [Affiliate Link] as well as I find it works really well on my calves and hamstrings.

I race I’ll be participating in is part of the Yarrawonga Mulwala Multipart Festival being run in October. I’m confident that the 21.1km distance won’t be an issue for me. I do however need to ensure I finish in under 2:15 in order to qualify for the Two Bays Trail Run I’m planning for January 2015.

That’s a 28km run through part of the picturesque Mornington Peninsula. You can see what I have in store on this nifty You Tube clip that shows the 28km Two Bays course in eight minutes.


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