PSA: Don’t listen to Gwyneth Paltrow’s health advice

I’ve mentioned before that taking advice from unqualified celebrities when it comes to health is a bad idea. While they might be well intentioned, good intentions are not the same a good advice. On that note – please stay away from – the health, wellness and lifestyle business operated by Gwyneth Paltrow. There’s too much in it that is either misinformed of frankly dangerous to take a chance that something in it might be useful.

Amongst some of the terrible advice are caffeine enemas, IV treatment for hangovers, detox diets and the bizarre idea that placing of a jade egg in your vagina (I don’t have a vagina but I’m fault certain jade is not on the list of good things to put in one) is good for you.

If you have a health issue or need advice for weight loss or to manage a condition – see an expert. That expertise might come from different areas you trust with evidence-based research. Celebrity endorsements are not proof of anything other than the celebrity was paid.

You only have one body in this life. Treat it well.

If you want to live well – exercise regularly, focus your diet on unprocessed foods and make sure you smile and laugh. If those don’t work, then talk to a professional, don’t listen to celebrities.

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