What drives to you exercise?

financial-motivationThe New York Times published a story recently that says “Getting People to Exercise Requires the Right Incentive“.  It reports on a 13-week study from the Annals of Internal Medicine that looked at different financial incentives and tracking mechanisms as a way of motivating people to exercise. Would you train for the money iris there more to it for you?

We all exercise for different reasons. For some it’s about weight control. For others they have specific life goals in mind that require a particular level of fitness – you can’t climb Mount Everest unless you’re in great physical condition. Motivations can be deeply personal or extrinsic.

Whatever the case, it’s clear we are all motivated by different factors. For me, as I’ve written before, I’ve seen the direct effects of an unhealthy lifestyle and want to be a positive role model for my children. But I’ve also developed a competitive streak and really like to improve my performances even though science suggests this will get harder as I get older.

What drives you? Why do you exercise? What’s stopping you?

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