Fitbit launches FitForGood in Australia

fitbit-fitforgoodFitbit has FitForGood, a charitable platform inviting Fitbit users to get fit for a good cause in support of better heart health for all Australians. Fitbit is encouraging anyone with a Fitbit account in Australia to sign up, with their steps contributing towards the FitForGood Challenge of a collective two billion step goal.

If the group reaches this goal, Fitbit will make a $100,000 donation to the Heart Foundation of Australia. In addition, the Heart Foundation is aiming to raise an additional $400,000 through donations to help educate the public about heart disease, which kills one Australian every 27 minutes.

How FitForGood Works   

From 11 – 25 July, anyone with a free Fitbit account in Australia can participate in the challenge and contribute their steps towards achieving the two billion steps and up to $100,000 donation target. In addition, those who join the challenge can set up their own fundraising goal via the EveryDay Hero link in the FitForGood portal to help support the Heart Foundation. In support of the campaign, the Heart Foundation is aiming to raise an additional $400,000 through donations.  To join, Fitbit users can register for FitForGood today at

Walk to Take Control of Your Heart Health  

While most people are aware of the benefits of being more active, exercising more, eating smarter, sleeping better and managing their weight, these activities can be viewed as time consuming and difficult to achieve. Fitbit combines the power of technology and insights, and helps people see how small changes can add up to big results. By tracking activity level, sleep and nutrition, users can have a positive impact on their health and well-being which may also benefit those living with chronic diseases.


The Heart Foundation advises:

  • More than 55,000 Australians will suffer a heart attack every year.
  • Heart disease is primarily responsible for the death of more than 20,000 Australians a year – these deaths are largely preventable.
  • Physical inactivity causes more than 9,600 deaths in Australia each year.
  • Two out of three (66.2%) Australians aged 18 and over are either sedentary or have low levels of exercise.
  • A sedentary person who increased his or her steps from 1,000 to 10,000 a day, seven days a week, was found to have a 46% lower risk of death.

Anyone in Australia with a Fitbit account can sign up and opt-in. Australians who do not have a Fitbit device are invited to participate by using MobileTrack on the free Fitbit app for their Android, iOS or Windows device. In addition, anyone without a Fitbit device will be given the option to purchase one during the sign-up process.

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