Volvo LifePaint will save cyclists lives

Barely a week goes by when we don’t hear about a cyclist being injured or killed by a motorist. Safety-conscious car maker Volvo has come out swinging from the cyclist corner with LifePaint – an invisible reflective paint that can be applied to a cyclist’s clothing, bike frame, helmet, and virtually any other surface.

LifePaint lasts for about a week once it’s applied to your bike and apparel and can be washed off.

volvolifepaintVolvo has set an ambitious goal – that no person will be seriously injured or killed by one of their vehicles. Clearly, while the safety features in our cars have come along by leaps and bounds over the years – airbags, ABS, dynamic suspension were unheard of when I was child but are now standard features in new cars – there’s a need to address the needs of other road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

Volvo is giving LifePain away for free at a number of bike stores in London with plans to distribute globally if the demand justifies it.

Now that I’m riding regularly I’ll be hoping Volvo releases it in Australia.

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