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Reaching peak wearable – the smart condom is coming

It seems that there is no data too private that it can’t be shared. A new smart condom, the i.Con, is firming up to be the next wearable coming to the market.

The new device captures important statistics such as thrust power and velocity as well as other vital statistics such as girth and endurance.

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Do we really need a smart hairbrush? Apparently we do

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Withings is the health and well-being arm of Nokia. Remember Nokia? The company that used to make the most popular mobile phones in the world until they were swamped by Apple and Google.

Withings has been making wristbands, blood pressure cuffs, scales and other health-related gear for a while now and have carved out a nice niche in the market without getting into a war with some of the more well known players like Garmin, Fitbit and Apple.

Their latest product, revealed during the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is a smart hairbursh. If this was April 1st we’d have put this one down as a good joke but apparently it’s a real thing.

The Withings Hair Coach can measure your hair’s health by assessing the dryness and asister with tangling by optimising sebum distribution (whatever the heck that means!).

Naturally, there’s an app that goes with the brush that even tells you how many strokes you’ve brushed and other metrics that we could not possible live without.

If this sells well, it will prove PT Barnum’s thesis that there’s a sucker born every minute.