How current affairs influence sleep – Brexit

garfield-sleepFitness tracker company Jawbone has collected and analysed data from all its European users, during the Brexit day and their sleep pattern ahead of the results of their votes for the EU referendum.

It’s clear that people were very worried in the lead up to Brexit.

According to Jawbone’s data, people in London who tracked their sleep with a Jawbone device slept about 35 minutes less – on average – on the night of the Brexit vote when compared with the week before – down to 6.3 hours in London compared with the usual 7 hours.

That data tallied up nicely with the average bedtime and wake times which were 11 minutes later and almost 35 minutes earlier than the week before the referendum.

With Australia heading to a general election this weekend, I guess a few Aussies will be getting a little grumpier, drunker or more tired over the next day or two.

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