Fitbit adds sleep scheduling to app and wearables

fitbit-sleepSleep can make a significant difference to cognitive and athletic performance. Having regular sleep and wake times is a good way of ensuring you get enough sleep.

Fitbit has introduced a set of new sleep tools in its app that are compatible with all sleep trackers developed by Fitbit.

The tools introduced by Fitbit use the sleep data your tracker has captured and then creating a sleep schedule for you.

In my case, I was averaging a sleep duration of about 7:45 each night, going to sleep at about 11:30PM and waking at around 7:30AM on average.

I told the app I was after eight hours of sleep and it determined I needed to get to bed by 11:00PM each night. The app then synched that information to my Fitbit Blaze so I get a reminder half an hour before bed-time and a silent alarm wakes me in the morning.

Fitbit says they developed the tool in collaboration with experts like Dr. Michael Grandner at the University of Arizona, Dr. Allison Siebern at Stanford University and Dr. Michael Smith at Johns Hopkins University.

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