Run and Lift is the journey towards better health and fitness. Our contributors are all passionate about creating a healthy lifestyle that focuses on the body, mind and spirit. No put-downs, no pseudo-science and no negativity.



anthony-caruana-headshot Anthony Caruana – Editor
Anthony is fighting back against middle age by embracing a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a clean(“ish” – chocolate is my kryptonite) diet. There’s a lot of advice out there that’s more ‘bro-science” that real science and he’s looking to sort the wheat from the chaff. As well as running regularly he lifts weights and chases a furry green ball around a tennis court from time to time.
cheryl-mcgrath-headshot Cheryl McGrath – Contributor
Cheryl McGrath lives in Melbourne and works in communications. She is a believer in keeping active, an opponent of fad dieting, and passionate about body image.
lisa-banks-headshot Lisa Banks – Contributor
Lisa Banks works in social media, is passionate about healthy living and keeping fit. A foodie who despises most forms of #Fitspo, Lisa loves lifting weights, playing roller derby, and has a love/hate relationship with running.

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